Hit the Nail on the Varnish

Dear My Nails,

Why do you reject nail varnish?

It’s an honest question really. I paint you. Base coat, colour, colour, top coat.

All good quality. Wait to dry.

Next day…

The infamous chips and cracks have appeared.

I met someone who was selling nail stamping sets in a Shopping Centre once. We had a nice chat and she asked whether I like doing my nails. I replied I did but that nail varnish chips immediately. Then I added “Even with a base and top coat”.

The look on her face…

Priceless, horror.

TBH it was a bit of an over reaction on her part but AT LEAST someone understood MY PAIN.

How am I supposed to get better at nail art if you REFUSE to hold onto the designs?

I thought there was no hope for my dreams as a self nail painter.

But only a few days ago, there may have been a breakthrough.

Recently I tried out a sharpie nail design, which was completed as such. Base coat, white polish, white polish, sharpie design, glitter polish, top coat.

Next day I painted my other hand with the original process of just a top coat.

That chipped within the day, the glitter polish nails survived for at least three. Magic.

So in conclusion nails, glitter for you until you learn how to behave better.

Unkind regards until you bend to my will of retaining nail varnish,

Imogen V.C.R.

P.S. Throwing this out as an open letter, does anybody have any nail hacks or recommended polishes to extend nail varnish application life? My nails and I would be very grateful.